Fist Full of Basil

Fist Full of Basil

If you don’t get the title then please go and watch this.

I have two huge basil plants in my back yard. As the first frost creeps closer, the time line for using it all up gets shorter, so I needed a recipe that uses basil by the fist full. This is another one of those recipes that you really just eyeball. If you want it more garlicy add more, if you want it more basily add more of that.




2 fists full of basil
1 small fist full of walnuts or pine nuts
1 fist full of grated pecorino or parmesan cheese
3-4 cloves of garlic
Olive Oil


Chop the basil and garlic until it’s manageable
Add the nuts and chop some more
Add the cheese and chop some more
Put into a bowl or jar and add some olive oil

You could throw all of this into a food processor, but you’ll come out with a really gross looking paste so I really recommend chopping this by hand. I use a mezzaluna, it keeps all of the bits in the central bowl area, the blade is sharp enough that the weight of the knife can do most of the cutting and the end result has individual bits of the primary ingredients instead of a singular green goop. If you have a ton of basil you can make up a huge batch of this stuff. I’ve heard of people putting it into ice cube trays to keep it over the winter. Personally I don’t know about the ice cube tray thing, with this much garlic I can’t imagine that you’ll be able to get the taste out of the tray afterward. It should last for a few weeks or months in your fridge if it’s thoroughly mixed/covered with olive oil.

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  1. Nice title. BTW, I think the first link should be to a page for Fistful of Dollars. But it links to the picture of the pesto jar. It is a nice picture, but I’m guessing that won’t help people clue in on the movie. Or maybe you were trying to confuse them? :)

  2. Thanks Bill, fixed!