Beef Negimaki

Beef Negimaki

Teryaki Sauce


1/2 c. Soy Sauce (low sodium is a good idea here)
1/2 c. Mirin or Sake
3 tbsp. sugar

Beef Negimaki


Teriyaki Sauce
1lb.Thinly sliced beef (flank steak)
4 scallions trimmed and cleaned per roll


Slice the meat along the grain as thin as possible
Pound the steak until it’s about 1/16″ thick
Marinate steak in Teriyaki sauce for 15-30 min (keep the marinade for later).
Arrange your beef strips so that they are just overlapping
You want an area of meat that is wide enough to contain the scallions
Place the scallions at one end of the beef and roll towards the other end creating a tight wrap
Tie with string to secure the strips of beef
Heat up a pan with a bit of oil
Sear the roll on all sides
Remove from pan to a cutting board
Pour the saved marinade into the pan and reduce it to desired thickness
Cut the rolls and arrange on a plate
Drizzle the sauce over the rolls and serve

I didn’t followSandra Lee’s recipe that uses “beef sandwich slices” aka steak-umms aka beef spam. I decided that this one on epicurious was a little more legit.

I loosely followed the epicurious version. I didn’t blanch the scallions. I didn’t use flank steak, I used a crappy cheap cut that was already sliced and fairly mangled. I mangled it more with a wooden hammer too try to get an even 1/16″. I didn’t tie it up with a string, I just hoped that the searing would hold it in place and it did.

Overall the feeling that I get from this recipe is that it’s pretty open to interpretation. It’s really just marinaded meat wrapped around a vegetable. I saw a lot of recipes for where the meat is wrapped around asparagus and a few where mini-negimaki were made appetizer style. So I think this is a good basic recipe that will hopefully inspire some more clever uses of meat wrapped around vegetables, but please refrain from using steak-umms, it’s just wrong.

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  1. Gorgeous Pics!

  2. Elegant and beautiful. Great stuff!

  3. Nice buns!!!!!!!

  4. I like how your writing assumes the reader already knows how to cook. This is good for people like me who know how to cook and only like simple directions and looking at nice pictures. Your cooking style is more about experimenting with food and I like how you give suggestions for other ingredients to try. We’re going to make your No Knead Buns to bring to my parents house for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the warning about the boiling water part. Casey and I almost burned our house down tonight making Jamie Oliver’s french fries. We could use warnings like that!